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Enjoy these short video lessons and interviews with today’s leading online entrepreneurs!

“Embrace it and Go for it!” – with Dr. Steve G. Jones

"Whatever you do... whatever your passion is... whatever you feel good about... whatever your contribution is... embrace that!" - It's no wonder that I'm always so delighted to talk to Dr. Steve G. Jones.  And this time is no exception. Steve is a renowned hypnotherapist and the author of many, many books - but I think what excites me the [...]

“Stop trying to figure it out” – with John Assaraf

"Stop trying to figure it out. It's already been done for you." - Now that's a phrase that everyone can appreciate! With all of our huge "to-do lists," there is something very comforting when someone tells us that they've "got it covered" and we don't need to worry about it.  Well, we got reminded of that recently... Not long ago [...]

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