Interview Highlights: “Psst… Karl Moore, you got a second?”

Have you ever had one of those moments when you meet someone and right away you recognize a kindred spirit? That’s what it was like the moment I met Karl Moore. We were at a business meeting, but the first thing we talked about was our common love of ballroom dance and salsa. But I highly suspect that everyone might feel that way when they meet him.

Being in the online business community, I had heard about Karl before I met him. He is greatly admired, respected and loved by those in the community and he seems to be the perfect combination of extraordinary intelligence, business savvy and passion for real spiritual depth. His approach to business and marketing is so creative and pioneering, that he frequently initiates new ideas that are so successful, other people copy them immediately.

We ran into each other recently and started talking about how, if you have something you are passionate about… teaching someone else is one of the most incredible things you can do to deepen your own enjoyment of it – and heighten your own experience of it. Our excitement fed off of each other – when we talked about that moment when you recognize the seed of that great joy and passion being lit in the one you’re sharing with…

So, naturally, I asked him if he could spare a few minutes and talk to you about how to incorporate that into success in running your own freedom-based online business.

You can read highlights from my interview with Karl here (or, if you prefer to WATCH the interview, click the link at the bottom of this article.)

[The Interview]

Sabrina: I’ve invited onto this show today my good friend Karl Moore. who is an INCREDIBLE Abundant Entrepreneur. And he shares my passion in that he loves what he does and he loves teaching it to others, so that he can dive deeper and deeper into it. We were just having a conversation (a few minutes ago) about how that has kept us current in what we’re doing: how by teaching we get better and better and better at it. And about the joy that we get in sparking that in others. So, Karl, could you share with our community what you feel about that? And how you’ve incorporated that teaching style into what you do – by taking what you love and putting it online?

Karl: Absolutely. You know, for me at least… where I run a couple of publishing companies, a property company, all this kind of stuff… I think it’s all about getting to find your passion and then learning to build that into something that’s profitable. So I always think about that quote by Joseph Campbell, the American Mythologist, “Follow Your Bliss.” Follow your bliss and doors will open for you – which will then open doors for other people – and which will then be available to still more people. So for me it was all about identifying what I wanted to do. When I set up my first publishing company, I realized that the areas I was focusing on were all areas I was passionate about: Writing; Art; Software; Computers; Personal Growth – like 2/3 of the work I was doing was in Personal Growth. So I was focusing more and more on that. And I realized I think I was working on that because I was the one that needed it the most. I was the one that wanted to learn more and to get that information, to simplify it and to share it with my audience. For me, it was all about figuring out what my real passion was and learning as much as I can and sharing as much as I can. And you’re right. The idea of learning and growing – it means you’re keeping up to date, it means you don’t know everything – Look, I’m not a guru, I really don’t know everything. At all. I don’t have ALL the answers that people want to know — but I know a fair bit. And I’m constantly learning and growing and evolving. And so that’s what I’m passionate about — that learning creation; that personal change; that “following your bliss.” I love that.

Sabrina: And we both really love learning and growing – like I had to study a lot of things, even in dance – I used to teach a whole lot of dance and I’ve studied ballet and modern and hip-hop and ballroom and Latin…

Karl: Salsa… [laughing]

Sabrina: Salsa!!

Karl: We used to Salsa, yeah..

Sabrina: Social dancing… and bringing that together in a digestible way. A way that doesn’t overwhelm people. And they’re able to get that excellent technique in whatever they do – and then of course again, teaching. And by teaching, I stay current. I stay fit. There’s so much benefit to sharing what you love with others. How have you done that online with what you’re passionate about?

Karl: Well, I specialize in a few key areas of personal growth. And these are really areas I’m passionate about: like brain wave entrainment, hypnosis, NLP – other areas to move yourself forward. I tend to really love those areas. I work in them. I meditate. I use hypnosis. I learn and I grow consistently. So, it’s really just my passion that moves that forward.

Sabrina: And if a young child came to you and said, “I’m passionate about starting a business online and I think I want it to be in X.” How would you tell them to make that transition from something they’re passionate about to getting it online. Like what’s a step they could take?

Karl: That’s a good question. [laughing]

Sabrina: That’s why I’m in THIS chair. [laughing]

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and you

Karl: Absolutely. I think the first step really is just identifying what it is that you’re passionate about. And “what is it that is uniquely me and that I’m interested in becoming? What would my message be in the absolute ideal world?” I’m all about that finding your truth; letting go of limiting thoughts; finding your true self. I love that. I’m very passionate about it. I think it’s one of the most honorable journeys that anyone can go on in their lives. And so, I think the advice would be to find out what you are truly passionate about and follow that. Follow that bliss. Another tip, would be to stop feeling sorry for yourself. [laughing] I know it’s… it’s just common sense…

Sabrina: No… That’s totally true.

Karl: It’s the kind of thing that your mom tells you… before you start out… or when you have a bit of a rut… “Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Sabrina: Really? My mom just said “stop crying or i’m gonna give you something to cry about.” [laughing]

Karl: [laughing] It’s a similar thing…

Sabrina: No, it’s true.

Karl: It is. You know, I wrote a couple of books on personal growth…

Sabrina: … just a couple…

Karl: … just a couple, yeah, yeah… I did a couple of those… and then a couple of books on something else… When I want to teach, I LEARN, and THEN I teach. So when I want to learn, I teach. [laughing] And that’s my process… I learn it all, I simplify to books and then I share from there. So yeah, stop feeling sorry for yourself is the opening chapter for two books that I wrote on personal growth. Because I’m a big believer in it. Some people get into a situation in life and say, “You know what? I can’t move on because of X.” They’re feeling sorry for themselves. “Oh, I didn’t go to the right schools. I didn’t have enough money to start. I don’t have enough knowledge to start that internet business.” All of those things which are holding them back and stopping them from moving forward. And self-pity is an amazing emotion, because it’s a bit like: It sits in the middle of your soul on an island and eats up every emotion around except itself… leaving you feeling bitter, and un-empowered and just sad. So I think the first step, to enable you to follow your bliss, is to stop feeling sorry for yourself. I’m huge on that. You know? Stop feeling sorry for yourself and you will be happier. You will be more successful. You will live a much better life. And I love that… stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Sabrina: I do too! And if you read about most of the truly successful people, they all came from very challenging situations. I think it’s more rare that someone from a privileged background has success, than someone who has truly had to face challenges. I wasn’t raised around any entrepreneurs. I wasn’t raised around a lot of abundance. This whole thing about being a business owner – I didn’t even know what it was. I only knew that you said when you were a child… “what do you want to be when you grow up.” And as a child… with this little tiny brain… you decide. And then that’s what you end up spending your life doing. Or you go to college and you get a degree… and then you work for someone else fulfilling their dream.

Karl: Yeah. And that makes you realize that all of those battle wounds, those scars that you have… as you just said, are actually things which can help you move forward. In having all of those problems and issues and all of that terrible background… that can actually be a bonus in helping you succeed. So, don’t consider them to be something that’s holding you back. Stop feeling sorry for yourself when it comes to them. And just start taking action.

Sabrina. Yes. That’s actually what we have to offer. “I had this. You do too. Here’s how I got through it. Here’s what I did in that situation. Maybe this will help you.” And, I too am such a lover of personal development and positive thinking and things that expand my consciousness — and connect me more to the divine… or words and advice from someone else who struggled in a similar way. And now they’re telling me, this is the system I came up with… this is how I dealt with that… maybe this will work for you too.

And I think that’s how a lot of us have gone online. From that authentic place, being genuine and authentic. “Hey, I’m not perfect. I’ve got these issues and this is how I’m coping with them and this is how I’m dealing with them. This is how I’m surviving a divorce. This is how I’m raising a child as a single mother. This is how I’m transitioning from one job to another. This is how I’m going from making a whole lot of money to being kind of scared and fulfilling my true purpose and passion. This is how I am leaving the belief system that I was raised with to choose this other thing that feels more authentic to me.

That’s how we bond with each other and support each other in this unity of consciousness that we are. It’s like, ‘I am you and you are me.” And whatever we can do and say to each other that says thank you for sharing with me your experience because from that I am better. And then from sharing it, you are better. I think that’s why we have this love for teaching and sharing because, in that, it catapults us… the privilege of teaching… the privilege of making a product or a course that helps people… that is just so fulfilling. When I hear from our clients and customers, “that course you made… that Qigong course… I couldn’t put on my shoes, I could not bend over… I can now put on my shoes.” Like when you get that kind of feedback from your customers, it’s all worth it. My husband’s back injury had value because of how it’s helped so many people — From your struggles that you went through and your love of personal development for yourself, you have helped so many people get that focus, get that clarity, get that calmness. And be able to more live the life that they want to live. It’s interesting thinking about it and talking to you about it… it’s such a fun thing to be online – it’s scary, and you can’t be self-conscious, but it’s so rewarding.

Karl: Yeah, it really is. Like, I’ve received messages like that as well. And when you do… they totally change your day. You know, they really open you up to… “Wow, what I’m doing here actually makes a real difference.” I’m here in Las Vegas right now and I met someone just the other day who said, “I use your Zen12. My wife and I listen to you in our ears every morning. ” I said, “oh yeah… people really do actually use this stuff. You know?” It makes a difference. People are actually being changed by it. And it’s phenomenal.

And the other thing as well, you were talking about getting things in order and coming online – you don’t have to be perfect in order to do it. You don’t have to know everything in order to take that first step. We’re all flawed. We’ve all got our own little problems and all of our own baggage. Nothing is ever going to be perfect. And you will always die with a to-do list. I love that quote. “You’re going to die with a to-do list.” Someone told me that once, it’s stuck with me forever. You’re going to die with a to-do list. Don’t worry about checking all the boxes and getting it all just spot on. Try with what you’ve got right now.. and you’ll sort the little bits – the errors, the issues – out later. Start now. Worry tomorrow. [laughter] I love that.

You don

Sabrina: This is so incredible spending this time with you.

Karl: It’s been good fun.

Sabrina: Karl mentioned Zen-12, it’s a meditation course that he created where in 12 minutes you incorporated brainwave entrainment with some type of beautiful music.

Karl: Precisely, yeah. And there’s a little narrated version where I speak into someone’s ears and try to get them to relax.

Sabrina: And you have such a great voice.

Karl: Thank you. Thank you. [laughing] Yeah, it was good fun.

Sabrina: I have a guided meditation for complete muscle relaxation and I suggest that people do it before bed when they can’t sleep. And I have these emails coming in going, ” I go to bed with you every night.” I’m like, “what?!?”

Karl: It’s brilliant. People use it. People listen to it. You actually make a difference in people’s lives.

Sabrina: And you feel so close to them. And they feel so close to you. It’s amazing… the connection that you can have with people over the internet. Because you can reach so many more people than you can reach in any other type of business.

Karl: The leverage is fantastic. The fact that I can send out an email where… I might have an insight one day — a little mini-epiphany — I’m all about these little pep talks… trying to just change people’s day with a few ideas or words. And so I might be traveling around, just like I was last week. And I had a little bit of a reflection on life. And I decided to draw it out in an email and send it out. And so within the course of 15 minutes, it was out to half a million people’s mailboxes. And that makes a difference. I was having a thought the other day – I was attending a friend’s birthday party and he was playing a song all about love and he was telling me, ‘how many times to people say i love you? It really makes a difference to me when a friend says it.” I thought, “that’s true.” and i wrote an email called “I love you” and there were no sales links, there was no hidden message, it was just all about this song and what it meant. Just saying, “I love you. It makes a difference. I just want you to know that I care for you. Hit reply and I’ll chat with you or if I can help you in any way let me know.” And it had such a huge response. Because it was going out to all these people — and some people just don’t hear it that often. And it was so nice to be able to hear it… and people spoke to me on Twitter and they replied to the email and I got back to them… It just made a difference. And you can really leverage the difference you make in the world by using the internet. You can still be personal and lovely and all of those things that you actually are. But the internet makes it so much easier. And no matter what you’re going through.. Like I love the fact that you just said, “You might be going through a divorce” and sharing that concept… those difficulties, those struggles that you’ve got. You might think, “i’m not in the perfect place but you might be able to produce a course which describes how to get through it. Or shows you how to achieve the best outcome. I love that. whatever you’re going through, other people are going through it too. No matter how imperfect you are, other people are still looking to achieve your level of perfection. You’re a teacher. It’s within you. You’ve just got to share it. And the internet is a brilliant mode or method of doing that.

Sabrina: That’s right. And you know what? I love you. [laughing]

Karl: Oh, I love you too.

Abundant Entrepreneur Interview with Karl Moorei and Sabrina Truscott

[Taking A Moment To Reflect]

So after talking with someone, I try to take a moment and really let the seeds of wisdom take root. And the #1 take-away for me, right now, is “Share Love.” In business AND in life. Share WHAT you love, and share THAT you love. One simple shift that is tremendously transformative for others and for yourself. That’s #1.

But I thought Karl also beautifully expressed the importance of not letting excuses get in your way. All those reasons why you can’t… All those reasons to feel sorry for yourself. Stop it.

I loved what he said, “No matter how imperfect you are, other people are still looking to achieve your level of perfection.” That’s important to keep in mind. The only one demanding you to be perfect and have all the answers is YOU.

Inside you, is something unique and beautiful. A way to overcome or excel that only you can share in that specific way. You might look at it as having a long way to go, but others look and see how far you’ve come – and would love for you to share with them how you got there.

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever realized that others were recognizing something in you that you were taking for granted?

Moving forward, let’s agree to focus on how far we’ve come and how much we DO have to share. And like Karl shared, one of the best ways to go further yourself is to reach out your hand to help another person.

Want to WATCH the interview instead of reading? Click Here.

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