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Simple lessons that save you time, money and headaches while growing your online business.

10 Email Marketing Terms You Must Know

In the morning, I spend about 20-minutes catching up on email (making sure there are no emergencies) before I leave for my fitness class. This morning one email, in particular, jumped out at me. It was a thank-you message from  ‘Rosemary’ (one of my clients). She was writing to excitedly share that the new idea we recently implemented into her [...]

Who Can’t Wait To Give You Their Money?

I can't tell you how many times someone has asked me... "Do I really need to market my product? If it’s really good – won’t it sell itself?" You’ve heard the saying: “This product sells itself?” I’m sorry to disagree, but in my opinion – This is a myth. Nothing sells itself. Sure - maybe if you get the right [...]

Interview Highlights: “Psst… Chris Cade, you got a second?”

Everyone is looking for a good work-life balance, but it's even more important if you're looking to start a side-business where you have to juggle your job, your family... all your existing obligations... and now somehow find time for this new endeavor. In this interview with Chris Cade, I get to ask him specifically about that. I also ask him, [...]

The Cost of Joy

Don't you love those quiet moments of epiphany? Those little moments when you are thinking one thing and then suddenly, the world changes and a whole new path opens up? I had one of those this morning. It started out as an ordinary morning... sitting on the couch, sipping a hot cup of bullet-proof coffee while covered in sleeping puppies... [...]

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