“Find A Work and Life Balance” – with Chris Cade

Many people who jump into the online business arena aren’t really interested in starting a full-time business. Sometimes they’re just doing something they’re passionate about — in their spare time — and if it happens to bring in a little extra money, that’s fantastic.  But the balancing act of having a family, having a full-time job and pursuing your passion on the side can sometimes seem overwhelming.

That’s why in this episode, I wanted to let you hear from my friend, Chris Cade.  Chris took his fire for spiritual and personal evolution and turned it into a successful online business. But he wanted to be sure that business didn’t negatively impact his relationship with his son or the things he holds precious in his life. I can’t wait for you to hear his story.

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Not many people could do what Chris did… take that leap of faith and give up a comfortable, safe job and a CHANCE and a DREAM. But for him, that’s what he felt it would take. But keep in mind that by that time, Chris had been working in his spare time to find his passion and develop a vision of what he wanted to do — or how he wanted to serve.

It’s inspiring.  NOT to go in to the office tomorrow and quit your job!  But to see the possibilities. To see the doorways that can open as soon as you set that intention and take some action.

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I LOVE how it’s so important to Chris to really be there for his son. He really has had to up his game when it comes to organization and scheduling.

But it’s all been worth it!  Now, he has even MORE time for his son and has an “occupation” that he can work on wherever and whenever. Even better, Chris strongly feels that he is SERVING, so he is living a life filled with a deep sense of PURPOSE.

That’s one of the foundations of living a joyful life! In every study they do about happiness – living a life that feels meaningful to you – a life filled with purpose – ranks as one of the top criteria EVERY time.

Have you found that element in what you do for work?  Do you feel what you do has MEANING? Or PURPOSE?

It’s important that you find that — that we ALL find that. It’s possible you can uncover it in what you’re already doing. Sometimes it’s just a shift in perception that’s needed. But sometimes it means starting a “side business” where you can develop that sense of fulfillment doing something you’re passionate about.

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About Chris Cade
His journey – leaving a six-figure income and corporate life with Hitachi and Adobe for a spiritual one – has rewarded Chris with the opportunity to serve hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in over 150 countries. He is a second-degree black belt and martial arts Champion, a Certified Firewalk Instructor and has swum with wild dolphins in Bimini. He is also a grateful full-time father. For taking the time to watch this interview, Chris is offering you a gift of his “Conspiracy of Distraction” e-Course!
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